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Digital assets firm Zerocap releases report on the benefits of bitcoin in portfolios during periods of economic crisis and beyond In a year of such economic hardship and financial uncertainty, investors are looking for a safe-haven beyond assets in traditional portfolios. Melbourne-based group Zerocap, a firm providing digital asset trading for private clients, family offices and institutions, reports that sophisticated investors who once would have

ICOs — A Brief History What do The Game, T.I and DJ Khaled all have in common? Besides being Hip Hop celebrities, having all featured on each other’s club bangers, they were also all figure heads of popular ICOs that launched during the 2017/18 ICO mania that gripped the world and made superstars out of internet marketers, turned long-forgotten ex-child stars into overnight billionaires, and

Let’s briefly explore the origins of HODL and what it means? Why it’s important? — actually is it important? What can we take from knowing its origins? Will knowing it increase your Investor IQ by 5–7 points? We will explore one of the key concepts of crypto folklore and how a meme can drive an investment strategy. So HODL can be construed in a

As originally published at on May 12, 2020. In Part One of the interview we were told some of the stories of Carlos’ upbringing in Venezuela and some of the differences in living in Australia as well; we learnt a bit about the Venezuelan economy and hyperinflation; and delved into Bitcoin fundamentals and why Carlos is a believer. In Part Two of the interview, we’ll continue where

As originally published at on April 10, 2020. In this article we travel into the mind, the history and background of a Venezuelan, that for privacy reasons we shall call Carlos (which according to a non-descript website during a quick Google, is widely regarded as Venezuela’s most popular boy’s name). Carlos is widely travelled, an early investor, trader and educator in BTC and other alternative

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